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The members of our Management have higher education degrees, and possess considerable theoretical, practical and professional experience gained in property protection, who are experts in their fields of specialty and apply the highest level of knowledge and skills.





24 hour dispatcher service

A 24 hour dispatcher service operates in our Company’s center, to ensure undisturbed and continuous service, as well as constant cooperation with our Clients, furthermore to minimize our reaction time. The manager of the dispatcher service sends out the armed car patrols to the scene in need of action, according to experience based consideration. The dispatcher service also operates as a remote monitoring center. We monitor the alert systems of our Clients, strengthened by a patrol service.

Your safety first

Quality policy

Customer satisfaction

The principal goal of REÁL VÉD Kft’s Quality Policy is to satisfy Client expectations on the highest quality standard in the area of our services, in harmony with our business objectives. We are committed to ensure that our services meet Client expectations as much as possible, thereby improving the Company’s image and competitiveness.

Society’s satisfaction

The performance of our tasks complies with the legal and ethical rules applicable to our profession. The requirements of our Clients are precisely described in contracts, and we use all legal means to accurately fulfill those. We regularly and objectively inform our Clients regarding events related to our activities. We only and exclusively use legal means to perform our tasks, and we mandate all of our employees to comply with the law.

Employee satisfaction

The quality of the work performed by REÁL VÉD Kft, as well as our image depends on the abilities of our employees. Our company pays highlighted attention to the selection of employees, their training and the evaluation of their work. We are committed to ensure that our employees feel appreciated both financially and morally, so with their loyalty they will contribute to the achievement of our goals and the implementation of our Quality Policy.

Constant development 

For the implementation of this Quality Policy, Reál Véd Kft has introduced and operates the EN ISO 9001:2015 Standard International Quality Management System, and we continuously train our employees for its application. We continuously audit the quality management system by using our experience, and we improve the system in a documented way.


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