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Our activities primarily include the guarding and protection of financial institutions, office complexes, companies engaged in production activity and high priority facilities. We combine human security guards service with property protection solutions recommended by our security technology business branch, in a way that is the most optimal for the requirements of the Client. We provide uniforms to our human security guard service employees, for the purpose of distinctive appearance. Our security guards on duty have documents in accordance with legal requirements, and they wear nametags complete with an identification number. According to Client requirements we provide our employees with personal protective equipment, while complying with legal regulations. For the more forceful protection of our Clients’ interests, depending on the risk level, we involve guards equipped with firearms.
    • Facility     protection and reception service
    • Bank     branches and banking centers
    • Office     buildings
    • Industrial     facilities
    • Municipal     buildings and lands
    • Privately     owned properties
    • 24 hour     dispatcher and armed patrol service
    • Remote     monitoring
    • Private     persons
    • Companies
    • Municipal properties
    • Escorting     valuables
    • Personal     protection
    Our personal protection division performs VIP security, escorting and protection based on individual contracts.
Under the supervision of our specialty qualified engineers, we undertake the design, installation and operation of unique devices and complex security technology systems in every field of electronic and mechanical security applications. Furthermore, a 24 hour remote monitoring service as well as the development and maintenance of remote monitoring systems.
  • From     design, through installation, to operation
    • Alarms      and fire detectors
    • Camera      systems
    • Monitor      service
    • Mechanical      protection  
    • Other      custom designed personal and company security systems
    • Cyber-Security
    • „Intelligent      Company” Development
  • Vehicle and     fleet monitoring, transport escorting     
    • Escorting      of covered and open transports
    • Inspection      of covered and open transports
    • GPRS      based fleet monitoring
Our remote monitoring service includes the continuous 24 hour monitoring of signals sent by the electronic signal-centers of facilities equipped with alarms (fire detectors), as well as immediate reaction and taking the appropriate measures. The received signals are recorded in a retraceable and documentable way by the receiver unit operated for this purpose. It can detect the simultaneous receiving of multiple signals. Contact with the facilities connected to the system mainly happens by telephone. For the protection of our Clients we record the phone conversations. In the cases that require action, our 24 hour patrol service immediately deploys to the scene to take primary damage mitigating measures.
  • Areas     monitored by 24 hour dispatcher and armed patrol service
    • Remote      monitoring service
    • Private      persons’ interest protection
    • Property      and monitoring services for companies
    • Municipal      properties and privately owned properties
    • Valuables      escorting tasks
During a security audit we analyze the risks factors extending to the company’s every asset, which include material assets and intellectual property as well as the risks originating from human resources. According to the depth of the inspection, if that is necessary we perform the security audit with the involvement of experts (data protection, information security expert). We inform the Client regarding the audit’s conclusions and a security concept that conforms to the Company’s reasonable and proportional protection. Furthermore, we make recommendations regarding the possible instruments and methods of risk reduction.
  • Other     specialized consultancy, problem and crisis management  
  • Company security     audit, consultancy, investigation of human risk factors
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  TELEFON: +36-1 237-1700
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    Diszpécser: +36-1 239-8162
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